Chris Reilly

Body Clock: Sleep, Synesthesia, Self-Portraits

This is an exhibition of video, live and scripted animation, installation, and interactive artwork. I’m taking ideas of self portraiture and marking time and running with them. By creating portraits and sequences that range from the literal to the abstract, I’m exploring change, perception, seeing, self-reflection, and biological cycles.

Chris Reilly is a Detroit artist, hacker and teacher. Chris holds a MFA from UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture. Working individually and collaboratively, his artwork explores communication, relationships, perception, participation, and collaboration using media including games, performances, software, installations, and open-source hardware/software projects. Chris has performed and shown artwork in solo and group exhibitions in the US, Europe and Asia. Recent shows include the Intimate Instruments workshop at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana, Slovenia; a public installation at Zero1 Biennial in San Jose, CA; and collaborative projects in Hong Kong’s Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. Chris is the official Infinity Manager of Detroit’s Picnic Club, an arts collective dedicated to site-specific inquiry, play, and picnics. His works have been profiled in Make Magazine, Wired Magazine, and Punk Planet. Chris has published photo/video essays and art texts in Geez Magazine and Infinite Mile. Chris is Assistant Professor of Art at Eastern Michigan University’s School of Art & Design.