Past Exhibitions and Events

Nandi Comer

How does art preserve history?

May 2024

Jacqueline Suskin

Seasonal Transitions

April 2024

Kevin Griffin


March 2024

Demaciiio and

Freddy Torres

Self Reliance

February 2024

Book Suey Co-Owners

Catherine Batsios, Vincent Perrone, Elijah Sparkman

Creative Spaces

January 2024

Alise Alousi


November 2023

Geoffrey Jacques

Art and Labor

October 2023

Kim Hunter


September 2023

Sadie Woods

A Playground Study

July 2017

Chris Reilly

Body Clock: Sleep, Synesthesia, Self-Portraits

June 2017

Kerry Downey

Nothing but net

May 2017

Kavita B Schmid and What Pipeline Present:

Eric Schmid is an Idiot

January 2017

LaKela Brown

Bamboo Earrings, At Least Two Pair

October 2016

Otis Houston Jr. and Miles Huston

Demonstration: MoMA-FDR

September 2016

Nicole Killian and Savannah Knoop

Your Pants are My Etc.

August 2016

Kristof Wickman

Favorite Neutrals

May 2016

Justin Berry

White Point

November 2015

Levon Millross

Exigent Influx

October 2015

Jordan Stohl

Objects talking

September 2015


August 2015

Dina Kelberman

Cloud Formations

June 2015

Cortney Andrews


May 2015

Bailey Scieszka

All The Brown Butterlies

May 2015

Alivia Zivich

Fat Hacker

November 2014

Material Affair

October 2014


August 2014

Paper for the Sky

@ Interstate Projects

June 2014


A Meditation on (Nothing But) Flowers

May 2014

Michaela Mosher


March 2014

Ashley Cook


February 2014

Jessica Frelinghuysen

Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

November 2013

Robert Sestok


October 2013

Kylie Lockwood and

Rebecca Gilbert

September 2013

Curtis Glenn


July 2013

Phillip Birch

Wonder is coming! (actor or Agent)

May 2013

Derek Larson


May 2013

Hamilton Poe


April 2013

Stephen Garrett Dewyer

Throw Stones at Glass Houses

December 2012

Ashley Cook


October 2012

Kurt Greene and Christina Glasso

September 2012

Angela Pham

Contacts Get Cold

August 2012

Trickle-Down Electronics

June 2012

Stephen Cavanagh

May 2012

Chris McGraw

Free Dimentional

March 2012

Rick Marsee

Royal Winter

December 2011



November 2011

Lucinda Chua and John Bingham-Hall

Situated Urban Research

October 2011

Mark Gerry and Sean Carpio

Making and Meaning

September 2011

Alee Peoples

Revel, Revel

July 2011

R.C. Saylor, Daniel Sperry, and Rubens Ghenov

June 2011

Nolan Simon


April 2011

Dylan Spaysky and Curtis Glenn

Cave in association with the Malcolm Glenn Project Space

March 2011

Melissa Haggard

December 2010

Ed Brown

Mole Hole

November 2010

Chris Samuels

Cells, organs, families, flocks, notes, schools, tones, and sequences

October 2010

Steven Kuypers

Smoke and Mirrors

September 2010

Vince Troia

July 2010

All the Splendors of Earth, part 2

Curated by Jeffrey Tranchell

May 2010

Nate Abramovski and Laith Karmo


April 2010


Curated by Anne Reinhardt

April 2010

Petrova Giberson

I Never Thought You’d Come in Winter

January 2010