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Exhibition curated by Michael E. Smith


On Friday 18 September 2009 Cave will open an exhibition curated by Michael E. Smith. We are pleased to host this grouping of artists brought together by Smith. Join us. The opening reception will commence at 7PM and the show will run through October 17.


In order to obtain the optimum view of what takes place in front of me, I should have to lower my eyes a little. But I lower my eyes no more. In a word, I only see what appears close beside me, what I best see I see ill. - samuel beckett, the unnamable

i am pleased to share with you amy yao, patrick mcelnea, miles huston, franz erhard walther, bianca beck, chris ridell, gordon newton, kristen kee, darren bader, ryan wolfe, ned vena, derek larson, windy and carl, and kelly parker.

performance by windy and carl on October 17 2009 and south main, a film by kelly parker, will be shown on October 18 at 6pm.


This exhibition is in conjunction with Art Detroit Now. For more information send an email to info@cavedetroit.com

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