We won a Knights Arts Grant! Now we need your help!

Cave Gallery has been awarded a $15,000 matching grant from the Knight Foundation to provide funding for the artists and curators we bring in to create exhibitions for our space over the next three years. The grant enables Cave to continue bringing artists to Detroit from all parts of the nation, across all age groups, cultural backgrounds, and artistic disciplines. This is a generous grant but it is a matching grant and we need your help. The time is now to make your donation have double the impact!

Helping artists create more ambitious projects by providing financial support for emerging artists exhibiting at this artist-run project space

Cave started in 2007 with the idea of artists showing other artists’ work. To that end, we allow artists to have the freedom to exhibit whatever they need to without the restraints of other commercial spaces. Both artists and gallery goers know that the programing at Cave is one-of-a-kind in the greater Detroit area.  Installations, performance art, fashion shows, poetry readings, and artist talks are all carefully selected by our six-member collective of artists; bringing exciting contemporary work from all over the globe to Detroit.  With this grant, our guest artists will be able to share their talents with the surrounding Detroit community by way of financially supported exhibitions, receptions and gallery events.

The 2016-2018 grant will help fund Cave shows and for the first time, provide a stipend and operating budget for participating artists’ exhibition production, as well as provide a small and well needed gallery maintenance and improvement budget. This is an entirely new model that we believe will bring better, bigger and more ambitious projects to our space.


Any contribution no matter how small is HUGE to us- as it will be doubled by the Miami Foundation.

We are asking for your help for the first time in nine years of Cave programing. Our goal is to raise $15,000 dollars by January 1st to achieve the total amount of $30,000. The sooner we raise the funds, the faster we can return to focusing on programing! To celebrate the past and insure the future of Cave, we ask that you consider donating. By contributing to Cave you are supporting artistic innovation in Detroit. You will be helping to foster the next wave of great exhibitions at this long standing artist-run collective.

With your contribution, you buy into creating innovative approaches to positive art programing in Detroit. At Cave, we bring together artists from all over to engage in timely and interesting contemporary art conversations.

Your contribution means 3 things to Cave:

1. It allows us to greatly enhance our programming in capacity and scale.

2. It helps provide a better experience for our visiting and exhibiting artists.

3. It gives you pride in making Detroit a diverse and interesting place to view and experience new art and ideas.


Thank you for your donation and we look forward to seeing you! Participate in our engaging programming and network with the dynamic Cave community. For more information on each event, visit www.cavedetroit.com

Thank YOU!

Kylie, Dylan, Adam, Jessica, Jordan and Heather (CAVE)


Thanks to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for their future support