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derek larson  

Derek Larson: BAD INFINITY

May 11 - June 1

BAD INFINITY is an endless stream of events --- a straight line with no end --- progress from an unending supply of resources --- belief in ideologies that will fix your future... But a straight line never retraces its path to learn from mistakes. Another becomes an other --- going on ad infinitum. Bad Infinity comes from Hegel's idea of an infinity gone wrong.

Derek G. Larson is an artist who combines digital media with paintings and animated projections. He received his MFA from the Yale School of Art and has participated in a number of national and international shows and residencies, with recent exhibitions in New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York, and Helsinki. He's working on a web project for Big Red & Shiny and preparing for the Hudgens Prize finalists exhibit in Atlanta. His work has been featured in the Seattle Times, NY Arts Magazine, The Times-Picayune and Rhizome @ The New Museum in New York. He'll be in residence at the Vermont Studio Center later this year.



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