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Denise Fanning Homeland Security


Homeland Security
new works by Denise Fanning.

On 7 November 2009 Cave will open Homeland Security new works by Denise Fanning. We are pleased to host her first solo exhibition in over five years. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fanning migrated to Michigan and graduated with two separate degrees from Eastern University in sculpture and painting where she quickly realized her strong drive and intense work habits. In 1999 Fanning received her MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Since living in Michigan, Fanning has shown consistently in the Detroit area, also showing in Philadelphia and Berlin. She received a Creative Artist grant from ArtServe Michigan in 2001/2 and was an artist-in residence with Inside Out Literary Arts organization in 2002. She was also chosen as 1 of 16 artists to represent Contemporary Art in Detroit in 2003, for the Detroit Now Exhibition and in 2004 her work was chosen for the Berliner Kunst Salon, an exhibition of "leading international contemporary artists." She currently resides in Mount Pleasant.

Homeland Security is a re-emergence of Fanning's work ethic and mental prowess but through a different perspective as "Mother." Her obsessive tendencies to labor out room sized installations and complex environments are ever so present in her recent body of work but are channeled through the experience of family demands.

"Figure out where you are. Secure your own mask first. Locate the nearest exit. Remain inside. Go underground. Be prepared to survive. You may sense total isolation. Stay calm. Keep your children in good spirits. Secure a reunion point. Pay attention to small details. Familiarize yourself with what will harm you. Seek shelter. Do not panic. Preparation may save you. Speak calmly, move certainly and with purpose. Stay your course. You know the quickest way out for all of you."

The opening reception for Homeland Security will open on Saturday November 7th from 7-10pm and will close on November 29th 2009. For more information please send an email to info@cavedetroit.com.