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What it is not Curated by Kevin Beasley


On 21 March 2009, Cave will open What it is Not, an exhibition curated by Kevin Beasley. Artists in the exhibition will include Miroslav Cukovic, Kelly Frank, Curtis Glenn, Kyle Knodell, and Francesco Longenecker.

_______ is not your expectation.

Is this what it is?
That it is not
to see what it is
but what it is not.

What it is Not, is really a problem we are presented with in multiple ways. Every time we encounter a hiccup, or even a glitch in our day our eyes must readjust in order to make sense of it all. There must be a way to comprehend what just happened and we avoid missing steps. Ultimately, possibilities are eliminated to achieve resolve. What it is not poses a question that begs for the exposure of endless possibilities. To consider what it is not to be what it is. The choice between following the conventional wisdom we have gained through time and location (the written history being an ultimate decider), and following nothing but our genuine faith in our own perceptions and responses gives back our pure, personal responsibility. Although this is seemingly impossible to achieve, to set up a hypothetical possibility can only allow a seed to be planted toward something that may have never existed before.

This exhibition presents five artists whose work demands an approach beyond a seemingly conventional way of viewing within a very familiar context. I want to believe that this exhibition will provide a forum for open dialogue that considers the condition of experiencing and the responsibility of the viewer to act and react in an unexpected way. As participants, we can take control and advantage of the freedom of viewing and experiencing beyond usual practice in order to heighten our awareness of both momentary instances to the most rigorous path of developing meaning. Our lives happen as we live it, and one must not only consider what it is that keeps us moving, but also what it is not.