'CAVE       Ab''t      P'st Exh'b't''ns     C'nt'ct




Christopher Samuels Cells, organs, families, flocks, notes, schools, tones, and sequences

'Cells, organs, families, flocks, notes, schools, tones, and sequences' treats the gallery environment as an integral part of the work. By employing elements of sound, video, and sculpture, Samuels' interventions in the space act as a buffer to the more phenomenological experience occurring in the work. While occupying simple yet economical objects, the transformation between domesticity and the reproduced (recordings, markings, etc.) suggest elements of mythology by setting distances between their origins and pointing to a more elaborate outcome. By ciphering through these elements the viewer is presented with an experience that he or she can take away from the work. In most instances the works in Samuels' installation begin to succeed their original state by filtering one medium though another, recontextualizing material and its already altered meaning.

Christopher Samuels (b. 1943, Detroit, MI), co-founded the artist-run gallery space Org Contemporary in 2009. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and throughout Michigan. In the summer of 2010, Samuels attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.